Factory Accident Compensation in Southampton

Claim for Compensation TodayFactories and warehouses are amongst the highest places at risk of work accidents occurring. But what are your legal rights if you are hurt in one of these locations?

You might be able to claim for factory accident compensation. Call our helpline today for a confidential and free call where we can tell you what your options are.

No Win No Fee Accident Claim Solicitors

Our solicitors serve Southampton and Hampshire, and work on a no win no fee* agreement. We can also give you the peace of mind if you are making a factory or warehouse accident claim against an existing employer.

How Accidents Can Happen in Factories and Warehouses

Typical ways in which you could be injured and need out legal guidance include, but are not limited to:

Worried About Making a Claim if Employed?

Rightly so, you are probably concerned about the implications for making a warehouse accident claim, or compensation case regarding a factory accident. Please don’t be. All employers in Southampton and Hampshire are required by law to have insurance to guard against this eventuality.

So, if you do decide to press ahead with our personal injury solicitors, any compensation award and communication will be done directly with insurance companies meaning the place you work for will not have to pay out.

Businesses in the local area are also not allowed to discriminate against workers who have made personal injury claims for accidents on site or on premises. This law also protects you. For more information call us today and let our team put your mind at ease.

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