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Dog Bite Compensation Southampton
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Unfortunately dog attacks are in the rise in the UK, and dog bite compensation is very common in Southampton. If you have been the victim of a dog attack in Southampton it can be a very traumatic experience.

Dog Bite Claims Southampton

Thankfully our personal injury solicitors are here to help and can help you to claim for compensation with regards to both your injuries and any psychological suffering as well.

In the news there have been many mentions recently about dangerous dogs, and in particular breeds such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers – but it’s not just those dogs that can attack. Any dog, no matter how well trained can pose a risk to both adults and children.

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If you have been bitten then you might be able to claim for dog bite compensation in Southampton. Call our helpline today and speak to a claims expert who will tell you whether or not our lawyers can make a claim on your behalf for a dog attack compensation claim.

People at Risk from Dog Bites

People most at risk from dog bites are:

  • Small and young children
  • Postal workers, postmen and postwomen
  • Delivery drivers and van drivers
  • People bitten by police dogs
  • Gas, electricity, and water workers checking meters
  • Carers or home helps
  • Maintenance workers
  • Horse riders and equestrians

We can help you no matter what the scenario.  So if you are a postman in Southampton who has been bitten, attacked whilst at work, or perhaps a member of the public bitten by a police dog, then call us now to discuss the available options to you.

Children are the highest risk with no doubt. Has your child been attacked?  If so call us now as we treat these cases with the utmost seriousness and fight tirelessly to claim as much compensation as possible for our clients – all on a no win no fee* agreement.

What if You Don’t Know the Dog Owner?

You have a right for personal injury compensation, even if you don’t know who owns the dangerous dog, or cannot track down or find the animal’s owner.

Every dog owner has a responsibility by law to keep their dog under control, and even if we don’t know who they are we can look to seek money from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) for your injuries.

How to Make Claim for Dog Attack Compensation

Our Southampton personal injury solicitors are no win no fee* lawyers.  That means no money from you upfront for the legal process.  You will not have to pay a penny if the claim is unsuccessful.

To make a dog bite claim in Southampton call our number now. We will give you a free telephone consultation and if we feel we can represent you will then arrange an appointment with one of our lawyers.  Call 02382 553 315^ now if bitten by a dog in Southampton.

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