Eye Injury Claims for Compensation – Southampton

Eye Injury Claims and Compensation
We can help you with eye accident compensation.

In order to claim for compensation, whether for full blindness, vision loss in one eye, or loss of sight in one eye then we will need you to be diagnosed by a medical professional. Full eye tests will be required in order to proceed.

Eye Injuries – How to Claim

Our solicitors and lawyers will then need to establish fault with a third party.  This could be a criminal assault, botched cosmetic surgery, an eye operation, your employer, a work-related eye injury, or a car accident.

In essence we can only proceed with an eye injury compensation claim where it can be established that it was through someone else’s fault that you are suffering with an injury.

How Much Compensation for an Eye Injury?

Compensation amounts for eye injuries in Southampton and Hampshire are based on similar cases around the UK.  As a guide only, the following examples show the amounts and payouts received in compensation cases.

  • Minor – Between £1,600 and £3,000
  • Minor with Pain – Between £3,000 and £6,500
  • Serious Vision Damage – Between £6,500 and £30,000
  • Blindness in One Eye – Up to £40,000
  • Blindness in Both Eyes – Up to £200,000

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