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We are able to help clients who live or work in Southampton or Hampshire with accident and injury claims.  Our expert team of no win no fee* solicitors for Southampton are specialists in getting the maximum amount of compensation for our clients and have built up a reputation for being plain-speaking and transparent in how we work.  Whether you have suffered from a personal injury or need assistance with a negligence claim then make sure that you contact us today.

No win no fee* Southampton cases means that that even if the case is not won, you will still not have to pay anything.  Read the details below about how we work and our commitment to you. 

How No Win No Fee* Hampshire Works

No Win No Fee Southampton SolicitorsRecently the way in which no win no fee* compensation works has been changed due to recent legislation passed down by the UK Government.  You can read more about how arrangements have changed on this link (UK Government Justice website), or read through our own notes put together by our Southampton no win no fee* lawyers laid out below.

In terms of how a no win no fee* Southampton claim would work, then this is how it all works and how our no win no fee* solicitors Southampton would work with you in order for you to stand the best chance of receiving the highest accident claim pay out and compensation.

What You Pay if Our Southampton No Win No Fee* Solicitors Win Your Claim

If our team of no win no fee* solicitors (serving Hampshire and Southampton) win your case and claim then you will have to make a contribution to our legal costs. To cover legal expenses and time, our solicitors can charge up to 25% of the settlement sum on the result of a successful claim. If you are not successful you do not pay anything.

What You Pay if Our No Win No Fee* Solicitors Southampton Lose the Case

In compensation law, the loser of the case usually has to pay for the costs of the winning party.  Because of this, our Southampton personal injury solicitors who specialise in no win no fee* will take out an insurance policy in order to protect you from this occurrence.  The name of this insurance is “after the event insurance” and means that in the event of losing, the insurance company will cover these costs which further reduces your risk of being out of pocket.

Guidelines When Working With Our Hampshire Solicitors

There are a number of obligations which all no win no fee* clients must adhere to when working with our legal team on a compensation case, as follows;

  1. You must always be 100% truthful with our no win no fee* solicitors for Southampton and must not mislead them.
  2. You must always co-operate with our lawyers as they have your best interests at heart and know the legal process inside and out.
  3. You must take the specialist advice that you receive from our Southampton solicitors and act accordingly.
  4. If you want to cancel the claim during the process then you will need to pay any costs that have already been accrued by our team.

As you can see, at Personal Injury Solicitors Southampton we always aim to make things as simple as possible and lay out everything in black and white so you can understand the no win no fee process.  Making an injury claim can be quite daunting, but during the entire process our no win no fee* solicitors Southampton will remind you of your obligations and also keep you up to date so you know exactly what’s happening any why. That’s something that our team is very proud of.  

New: No Win No Fee* Solicitors for Bristol Residents

We have recently opened up legal services for the Bristol area.  Our new Bristol website is now fully operational and offers the same services that our Southampton one does.  To find out more visit our no win no fee* solicitors for Bristol website.  If you live and work in that part of the South West of England or Avon area then you can get swift and professional accident claims advice from qualified solicitors and lawyers.  Take advantage of a free consultation over the telephone on 02380 080681.

We have also recently updated the website for people looking for personal injury solicitors for Basingstoke or who need no win no fee* Hampshire claims advice.

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