Back Injury Compensation

It is possible to claim for personal compensation for a bad back in Southampton. If our solicitors can prove that your injuries and back complaints are a direct result of someone else’s negligence then there potentially is a claim to answer.

Back Injury Claims Southampton

In most cases that will fall under a few categories:

Back Injury Compensation Southampton
Your work or employer can put you at risk of back pain and injury.

Essentially if we can prove that the injury or pain is not your fault, and is due to the actions of a third party, another person, car driver, employer, company, or business, then you could be due back injury compensation.

Southampton workers and residents are encouraged to call our helpline today to talk to a claim expert who will tell you whether or not you can claim. Call us now for a free phone consultation so we can find more about you and tell you what your options are.

How Much Compensation for a Back Injury?

Compensation payouts, payments, and amounts will vary from person to person depending on the severity.  When it comes to awarding back injury compensation, factors such as have you had time off work, can you work, loss of earnings, costs and expenses incurred, and your future prospects will all be taken into account.

Average Compensation Payouts and Amounts

Typical compensation amounts for Southampton back injury claims are as follows:

Not Serious: if your back has hurt for a few weeks and no longer, and you are no longer suffering any pain after 24 months then you could receive between £1,500 and £5,500.

Minor Back Injury: injuries that involve strains, muscle injuries and prolapsed discs with no surgical intervention and are in pain for 2 to 5 years then you could receive between £5,500 and £9,000 in back injury compensation.

Moderate Back Injury: this relates to injuries where the victim will need surgery on aspects such as prolapsed discs (also known as a laminectomy), crush fractures, degeneration of the spine, and spinal fusion – Spinal injury compensation amounts range from £9,000 to £27,500.

Serious Back Injury: With serious back injuries the victim can become paralysed, suffer paralysis, have problems with sexual function, bowel and bladder problems and more.  Typical personal injury claim amounts will range between £25,500 and £115,000.

Please note though, that we cannot give you a correct estimate until you call us and after an appointment with a Southampton personal injury lawyer.  These costs are purely for guideline purposes only.  We work on a no win no fee* agreement, with you receiving all compensation payment amounts.

Do I Have a Back Injury Claim in Southampton?

Before we can make any form of compensation claim you will need to have been properly diagnosed by a medical professional.  If you have not yet been seen to by a doctor then please go now, only then can we help you.

The back and spine is made up of three parts; cervical spine, thoracic spine, and lumbar spine.  If you feel pain or discomfort in any of these areas then you could be a victim and be able to claim for back pain compensation.

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