Knee Injury Compensation Southampton

Injuries to the knee and leg area can range from the moderate to the serious.  As personal injury solicitors we can help when it’s possible to apportion blame to a third party, person, or organisation.

Causes of Knee Injury Claims in Southampton

We help people who want to claim for compensation where they had an accident or were injured during:

How Much Compensation for a Knee Injury?

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We will need you to be assessed by a doctor to proceed with a claim.

On a UK scale, there are some precedents set when it comes to compensation amounts and payouts for knee injury claims.

Southampton claimants could expect to fall into the following categories, although we cannot give you a correct estimate until we know the details of your case.

The numbers below are for guideline purposes only, as each individual case will be different.

  • Very severe – £56,375 – £77,770
  • Severe – £42,130 – £56,375
  • Serious – £21,175 – £35,200
  • Moderate – £11,990 – £21,175

Our lawyers will look to recover damages for pain and suffering, loss of earnings, future implications, medical expenses, and any associated past, present or future costs relating to your knee injury and accident.

If you have suffered a knee injury and live or work in Southampton then we should be able to help you.  Call us today for a no-obligation and free discussion.  Typical injuries to the knee and leg include:

  • The bones of the knee
  • Knee caps
  • Tibia (shin bone)
  • Fibula
  • Femur (thigh bone)
  • Patela (knee caps)
  • Cartilage (meniscus and gristle)
  • Ligament (cruciate and collateral)
  • Muscles
  • Tendons

We can also help you with general arm and leg injuries.

Blame and Fault – Required for Compensation

Our Southampton injury solicitors will need to get a full picture of the circumstances of you injury in order to ascertain who was legally at fault for your knee injury claim.  This is not always that easy, and depending on the case type will need a different approach.

Because we work on a no win no fee* agreement it means you can get access to justice, but also means we have to make very careful and considerate decisions on who to take on as clients.  We can usually make quick decisions over the telephone so call us today and tell us more about what happened to you. Call 02382 553 315^ now.

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