Equestrian Accident Claims in Southampton

If you are a horse rider, and you have been injured or involved in an accident whilst out riding, our personal injury solicitors ** can help you to claim for the injury compensation that you deserve. Working on a no win, no fee* agreement, our lines are open now for you to call in and explain the circumstances behind a potential claim.  This telephone call is no-obligation and free, meaning you can get a quick idea on whether you are eligible for a payment amount.

Horse Riding Accident Claims in Southampton

The Southampton, Hampshire, and New Forest area has a higher than average concentration of horse riders, plus when you factor in the New Forest ponies, the accident rates for equestrian injury are greater than usual.  The types of equestrian accident claims in Southampton and Hampshire that we help with include but are not limited to the following:

  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Accidents at Work (riding schools, stud farms, racing stables, and more)
  • Accidents at Competitions
  • Collisions with Wild New Forest Ponies

Due to the potentially unpredictable nature of horses, saddled or wild, there is a lot of risk and potential danger.  It might be that you suffer an injury at work, or it could be that the accident was someone else’s fault or due to third party negligence.  In cases such as this, our personal injury lawyers for Southampton, Hampshire, and the New Forest are able to help clients win compensation awards.

Claiming Compensation for an Equestrian Accident

We are able to act on behalf of sportsmen and sportswomen, employees working with horses, car drivers, horse owners, casual riders. In fact, if you have suffered an equestrian injury in any form, then we should be able to support you with a personal injury claim for compensation.

Accidents with Vehicles, Cars, and Horses

If you are a driver and have hit a wild horse in the New Forest or Hampshire, then we could also help you with any compensation payouts that you might be eligible for.

At Accident Claims Southampton we are able to act on behalf of horse riders and motorists who have been involved in accidents.  For more details on how we work with car drivers, please have a look at our car crash claims page.

We also recommend having a look at the British Horse Society website for safety tips on how you can help reduce the risk of being involved in a horse riding accident.  They have some great guidance and guidelines on there which are suitable for all different levels and expertise of riders.

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