Wrist and Hand Injury Compensation Claims Southampton

Some of the most common personal injury claims that we deal with as solicitors are injuries to the wrist, hand, and fingers. Injuries like this can occur in a wide variety ways including accidents at work, in car crashes, road traffic accidents, assaults, and slips in public places.

Establishing Fault for a Claim

What we do in order to proceed with a successful injury compensation claim is identify who was at fault for the accident.  If there is evidence to support the fact that the incident occurred to someone else’s fault or the negligence of a third party such as council, business, or employer then we can in most cases claim compensation.

How Much Compensation?

Wrist Injury Claims Southampton
If you are suffering from pain then our lawyers can support you with a claim.

Below we have listed out some typical compensation amounts for both wrist injury claims and hand injury claims (including fingers).

If you want to know how much you could receive then these should be viewed as guidelines only which have been set up by national agency.

Our solicitors and lawyers will help clients in Southampton and Hampshire to receive the highest amounts and payouts possible, and will work on a no win no fee* arrangement for you.

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Wrist Injury Claims – Compensation Amounts

Please note, these are only guidelines based on figures from 2013.  To get a more accurate decision you will need to speak to our wrist injury compensation solicitors for Southampton and Hampshire. Call today to get started.

  • Minor Injury – Includes fractures and sprains that healed in a couple of months – Between £2,200 and £3,200
  • Colles’ Fracture to Radius Bone – With no permanent pain – Up to £5,000
  • Severe Injuries – Including permanent loss of function and permanent pain – Up to £40,000

Injuries of this type will typically occur in slips, trips, and falls, motorcycle accidents, RSI cases, and assaults.  Parts of the wrist affected will include muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments, nerves, and arteries.  Our lawyers can support in all cases.

Finger and Hand Injury Claims – Compensation Amounts

As with wrist injury compensation in Southampton, claim payouts for hand and fingers are also open to interpretation during the legal process, and will be assessed individually.  The amounts shown below are simply guidelines.

  • Minor Injury – With pain lasting no more than 2 months and full recovery – Between £700 and £3,400
  • On-Going Symptoms – Pain that does not seem to recover – Between £3,400 and £10,000.
  • Serious Disability – Reduced ability to use your hand or fingers, including amputated fingers – Between £21,000 and £45,000
  • Injury to Both Hand with Serious Disability – If both hands are affected as above – Between £40,000 and £61,000
  • Amputation of One or Both Hands – Severed or removed medically – Between £70,000 and £150,000

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