Hip Injury Claims in Southampton Including Pelvic Injuries

Pelvis Injury Claims Southampton and HampshireYour hips and pelvic area are very critical bone structures and injuries can lead to severe pain and sometimes disability.

If you have had an accident, whether through criminal activity, medical negligence, or perhaps a work or road accident, then you could be due hip injury compensation.

Our personal injury solicitors serve the Southampton and Hampshire area, and can help people to claim financial damages for pain and suffering, as well as financial losses.

We work on a no win no fee* agreement and offer free phone consultations to all callers. By calling us today we can tell you how our solicitors and lawyers work, and give you an indication on whether you are eligible to claim for injury compensation.

Types of Accidents Leading to Hip & Pelvis Injuries

The types of typical cases which have led to our clients making hip injury claims include, but are not limited to the following:

Older people are more liable to injury of this sort, and a large proportion of claimants that our solicitors have helped with pelvic injury claims will be in this age bracket. However, accidents can happen to anyone at any time so no matter what your age or circumstances please call us for legal support.

Compensation Amounts for a Hip Injury Claim

Southampton and the UK are governed by guidelines setting out personal injury claim amounts. You can see those rough guidelines below which outline what you could be due for a pelvis or hip injury claim in Southampton:

  • Minor hip injury – Up to £3,000
  • Broken hip with no on-going symptoms – £3,000 to £9,000
  • Hip replacements – £9,000 to £28,000
  • Serious hip injury claims – £28,000 to £94,000

What Happens Next?

When you call us, one of our specialist accident claims team members will ask you some quick questions about what happened to you and your symptoms. Within a couple of minutes we will be able to tell you whether you have a case or not, and can then assign you a personal injury solicitor to take on the case.

It is very unlikely that you will need to attend court, as most cases we deal with our settled outside via insurance companies and our lawyers negotiations.

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