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Happy Christmas – Please Be Safe Over the Festive Period

Happy Christmas – Please Be Safe Over the Festive Period

We are really looking forward to Christmas and New Year, as we are sure you are too. But before that, we just wanted to offer some advice in order to help keep you safe over the holidays.

As personal injury solicitors, some of our busiest times come during New Year and Christmas, as it can mean people take risks that they normally would not do.

This can include drinking too much, partying hard, driving unfamiliar routes, attending work Christmas parties, and more. Whilst most people these events should pass without any implications, for some accidents can happen.

We implore all of our clients to take extra special care over this period, and we genuinely hope to not hear from too many of you.

Drink responsibly, have a great time, and a prosperous New Year in Southampton and Hampshire.

PS: We have recently added new content to the website to help people who have suffered with hip injuries and pelvic pain.

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